Frequently Asked Questions


Is Silver Lining recommended by a hospital/rehab discharge planner, social worker, or doctor?      

Yes, several throughout the city.  We work closely with Jefferson Home Health Physical and Occupational Therapists and Shadyside Hospital


Does Silver Lining do background checks on all staff?  

Absolutely.  We also do drug testing prior to hiring and then randomly throughout the year.


What specific caregivers will be assigned to your loved one?  

That would depend on the level of care your loved one will need.  We have a wide range of caregivers, CNA's, overnight sundowners care, companionship care, and household management. It's important to us to assign a compatible, appropriate caregiver to your loved one.

How does Silver Lining develop the plan of care and supervise the caregiver?

Our supervisor evaluates the caregiver in your loved one's home and gets input from them. We involve family members in the process, when requested.  Every care plan evolves over time as needs change. We are quick and honest reporters of what changes are needed to continue excellent care.


What special or support services are provided?

We offer a 24-hour hotline for emergencies. We offer last-minute and weekend care. We are well-connected to hospitals, doctors, and care facilities in the city, and are happy to connect you to the best care providers as needed.


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