About Silver Lining Senior Care

Silver Lining Senior Care is excellent care for the elderly. Not only is it superbly competent, but it offers a great deal of heart and compassion.
— Kara

Silver Lining Senior Care is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was established by Doria Savisky, founder and lifelong caretaker. Doria is also the founder of Organize Your World, a personal organization service that has helped many of those who struggle with clutter and organizational issues to live in organized, clutter-free and balanced environments.


Through Organize Your World, Doria began to notice that there was an even larger need for companionship and daily care in the lives of those she organized for. Many clients were elderly people who needed help living life to the fullest while maintaining independence at home.


It was out of this compassion and friendship with so many seniors and their families, that Silver Lining Senior Care was born. Doria and her amazing staff of CNAs have been called the caregiver's best friend as she helps those who are caring for their aging parents and loved ones.


With a family-first approach to in home caregiving, Silver Lining Senior Care is a service built on professionalism, consistency, and warmhearted care.


For more information about the services that Silver Lining Senior Care offers, please see our Services page.